The best Mexican Pulque in a bottle,

100% Natural, without preservatives or added sugars.

Prehispanic Drink from the Valley of Mezquital

Versatile, Nutritious

and Super Tasty

An Organic plant-based Source

of Probiotics

Nowadays, Pulque is being valued and
recognized as a superfood.

Studies by highly-regarded universities have identified various anticancer and regenerative properties of the intestinal flora due to a wide range of probiotics, prebiotics and yeasts found in Pulque. It also helps to reduce triglyceride levels.

Our pulque comes from the Mezquital Valley in the state of Hidalgo, the birthplace of pulque. There are different types of maguey plants. At Pulque Octli Conejo Blanco, we only work with Agave Atrovirens during the autumn-winter season to bring you the Chamaquero de Invierno Pulque.

This Pulque has a unique flavour and consistency. It is considered the best pulque of the year, mainly because it is when the Maguey plant produces only 8 litres per day of its exquisite agave sap (aguamiel) due to the lack of rain.

It is said that the Chamaquero de Invierno Pulque is usually very aphrodisiac.

"Pulque is more seductive than a slinky dress"